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Alcoholic Beverages Tax
2015 Annual Report

Alcoholic Beverages Tax Reports

AS 43.60


Alaska levies a tax on alcoholic beverages sold in Alaska. The tax is collected primarily from wholesalers and distributors of alcoholic beverages.


Taxpayers file returns and pay tax monthly. The returns and payment are due by the last day of the month following the month of sale.


Sales to facilities operated by one of the uniformed services of the United States are exempt if they fall within the guidelines of 4 USC 107.

Disposition of Revenue

The Department of Revenue’s Tax Division deposits all alcoholic beverage tax revenue into the General Fund. The Department of Administration separately accounts for 50% of the tax collected and deposits it into the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Treatment and Prevention Fund.


The alcoholic beverage tax dates back to 1933 when the Territorial Legislature enacted a tax on beer and wine at a rate of $0.05 per gallon. Taxpayers filed alcoholic beverage tax returns monthly.

1937 – The Territorial Legislature enacted a tax on liquor at a rate of $0.50 cents per gallon. At the same time, the rate for wine increased to $0.15 per gallon.

Since 1937, the Territorial Legislature and then Alaska Legislature have made minor changes to the alcoholic beverage tax statutes. In addition, between 1937 and 1983, the Legislature increased Alaska’s tax rates to correspond with rate changes made by other states.

2002 – The Legislature significantly increased the tax rates on all three alcoholic beverages effective Oct. 1, 2002. However, this legislation allows breweries meeting the qualifications of 26 USC. 5051(a)(2) (small breweries) to pay tax at the lower rate of $0.35 cents per gallon on the first 60,000 barrels of beer (malt beverages) sold in Alaska. At the same time, the Legislature created the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Treatment and Prevention Fund, and directed that 50% of the alcoholic beverage tax be deposited into that fund for alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs.

Between 1937 and 2002, alcoholic beverage tax rates have changed as follows:

Per Gallon
YearLiquorWineBeer (Malt Beverages)Beer (Small Breweries)

Click here for data with additional years.


Fiscal Year

2015 2014 2013 2012


1,676,579 1,640,739 1,640,194 1,572,282

   Beer, Malt Beverage and Cider

10,184,405 10,364,001 10,632,745 10,687,432


2,376,214 2,310,985 2,382,470 2,314,903

   Beer, Small Brewery

3,947,554 3,856,606 3,615,276 3,405,102





  Collections Summary

Fiscal Year

2015 2014 2013 2012


$19,385,984 $20,120,677 $21,001,209 $20,139,046

   Beer, Malt Beverage and Cider

10,902,805 10,837,519 11,373,704 11,562,357


5,971,367 5,594,883 5,874,936 5,788,517

   Beer, Small Brewery

1,399,148 1,277,276 1,287,948 1,193,074

   Penalties and Interest

(52,916) 3,121 53,293 9,804
   Total Tax





   General Fund

17,670,540 18,304,153 19,818,619 19,362,690

   Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Treatment and Prevention Fund

19,935,848 19,529,322 19,772,471 19,330,107

  Filing Information

Fiscal Year

2015 2014 2013 2012

   Number of Returns

906 922 870 815

   Number of Taxpayers

61 61 61 55

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