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Alert The Tax Division Offices are open to the public effective July 12, 2021. Our public hours are 8a – 4p Monday to Friday (excluding State Holidays). This includes both the Juneau and Anchorage offices and lobbies. Please call (907)269-6620 for assistance

Fisheries Related Taxes

  Title File Type
2007 Dive Fishery Management Assessment
     Statutes: AS 43.76.150 HTML Link
2007 Fisheries Business Tax
     Statutes: AS 43.75 HTML Link
     Regulations: 15 AAC 75 HTML Link
2007 Fisheries Resource Landing Tax
     Statutes: AS 43.77 HTML Link
     Regulations: 15 AAC 77 HTML Link
2007 Regional Seafood Development Tax
     Statutes: AS 43.76.350 HTML Link
2007 Salmon Enhancement Tax
     Statutes: AS 43.76.001 HTML Link
     Regulations: 15 AAC 76 HTML Link
Seafood Marketing Tax
     Statutes: AS 16.51 HTML Link
     Regulations: 15 AAC 116 HTML Link
2012 New Common Property Fishery Assessment Regulations – Effective June 24, 2012
     Regulations: 15 AAC 116.410 HTML Link

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