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Charitable Gaming

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Link to Alaska Statutes and Regulations

  Title File Type
Current (6/25/2019) Charitable Gaming Statute 05.15
     Statutes: AS 05.15 PDF Link
Current (6/25/2019) Charitable Gaming Regulation 15 AAC 160
     Regulations: 15 AAC 160 PDF Link
Effective 11/25/2018 HB18 added a second race to the definition of race classic. See 05.15.690(4).
     Statutes: HB18 PDF Link
Effective 5/25/2016 the department implemented a regulation authorizing the use of vending machines to sell raffle and lottery tickets. See 15 AAC 160.671.
     Regulations: Adopted 4/22/2016 PDF Link
Charitable Gaming Statute and Regulation updated March 2015
     Statutes: Booklet containing statute, regulation and index PDF Link

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