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Alaska Department of Revenue
Tax Division

Motor Fuel Claims for Refund Monthly Activity Report
For Period of 2/1/2017 - 2/28/2017

prepared on 5/8/2021

DieselGasolineJet FuelAviation GasTotal
HighwayMarineHighwayMarineAll Fuels
Exempt Fuel Use
Foreign Flights0000000
Federal Government9,4990116,632000126,131
Public Utilities0000000
State/Local Government0000000
Stationary Power Plants0000000
Charitable Institutions0000000
Total Exemptions30,1510116,632000146,783
Refund Rate$.0800$.0500$.0800$.0500$.0320$.0470various
Total Exempt Fuel Refunded$2,412$0$9,331$0$0$0$11,743
Fuel Conversion (to the lower tax rate)
Highway to Marine1,474,961-1,474,96100000
Total Conversion Refunds1,474,961-1,474,96100000
Refund Rate$.0800$.0500$.0800$.0500$.0320$.0470various
Total Conversion Refunds$117,997-$73,748$0$0$0$0$44,249
* Non-Highway Refunds
Gallons Used3,556,4504,70993,7930003,654,952
Refund Rate$.0600$.0300$.0600$.0300$.0120$.0270various
Total Non-Highway Refunds$213,387$141$5,628$0$0$0$219,156
Total Refunds Claimed$333,796-$73,607$14,959$0$0$0$275,148
** Surcharge Refunds
Gallons Used9,49982,60292,101
Refund Rate$.0095$.0095various
Total Surcharge Refunds$90$785$875
Grand Total
Total Refunds Claimed$333,796-$73,607$14,959$0$0$0$275,148
Total Surcharge Refunds$90$785$875
* Total Claim for Refund$333,886-$73,607$15,744$0$0$0$276,023

* Does not include non-highway refunds from Motor Fuel Tax Return. See Motor Fuel Tax Return Activity Report.
** Surcharge includes highway and marine combined.

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