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Re: Alaska Salmon Price Report

The Alaska Salmon Price Report for the reporting period September - December 2018 is now available at:

The report reflects updated data to account for taxpayer amendments and newly filed reports after the published date (if applicable).


In the thermally processed section, canning in quarters, halves and tall sizes are now reported in 24 can case sizes.

We compile the report from salmon price reports submitted by individual processors required to report by state statute.

The reporting threshold for processors is 1 million pounds of salmon products sold at wholesale in the previous calendar year. Following are definitions used in producing the report:

  • “Wholesale price” is the price paid by a nonaffiliated buyer to a processor or its affiliate, without deduction for costs of property sold, materials used, insurance, labor, services, labeling, transportation, storage, interest, losses, or any other expense.
  • “Production area” is where the product that was sold to the nonaffiliated buyer was last processed into a reportable salmon product form within Alaska by the processor or its affiliate.
  • “Product forms” are those listed in statute. These are the only product forms that are included in the Alaska Salmon Price Report database and are the only ones that processors are required to report. No quality distinctions are made within each product form category.


We do not report information for some areas if the information could identify the quantity or value produced by a particular processor (as indicated by the use of a single or double asterisk on the report). We use the following guidelines when evaluating confidentiality:

  • If there are three or more processors for a given area, the information is reported unless one processor accounts for over 80% of total value or two processors account for over 95% of total value.
  • If there are only one or two processors for a given area, the information is not reported.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact:
Name: Elizabeth Nudelman
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