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Alert The Tax Division Offices are open to the public effective July 12, 2021. Our public hours are 8a – 4p Monday to Friday (excluding State Holidays). This includes both the Juneau and Anchorage offices and lobbies. Please call (907)269-6620 for assistance

Alaska Department of Revenue
Tax Division
Taxable Gallons
Combined - Tax Return and Claims for Refund
FY 2021 Fiscal Year to Date

prepared on 9/28/2021

CategoryGallonsTax RateCalculated Tax
Highway Fuel336,770,244$.080$26,941,620
Marine Fuel115,164,118$.050$5,758,206
Jet Fuel122,248,232$.032$3,911,943
Aviation Gasoline7,452,047$.047$350,246
Refined Fuel Surcharge664,380,196$.0095$6,311,612

Note: Tax and gallons reported here are from tax returns and claims for refunds for periods that fall within the reported fiscal year. Tax collections, however, are based on the net amount received within the fiscal year and may include payments or refunds for tax periods prior to the reported fiscal year.

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