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Notice of Extended Filing and Payment Deadline for Alaska Corporate Income Tax

Alaska Department of Revenue - Tax Division
Annual Alaska Salmon Price Report for Calendar Year 2018
Date of Publication: 8/11/2020


Salmon Species Product Production Area(s) Weight (Ibs) Wholesale Value Average Wholesale Value
Fresh headed & gutted products
A - Southeastern & Yakutat447,957$4,895,314.24$10.93
B - Prince William Sound39,047$955,086.34$24.46
C & D - Cook Inlet Kodiak28,241$344,104.77$12.18
All Areas578,187$6,534,873.54$11.30
Fresh fillet products
A - Southeastern & Yakutat196$3,689.75$18.83
Frozen headed & gutted product
A - Southeastern & Yakutat532,307$4,652,660.35$8.74
C & D - Cook Inlet Kodiak12,778$46,239.08$3.62
G - Bristol Bay1,164,230$4,992,088.98$4.29
All Areas1,870,241$10,272,558.86$5.49
Frozen fillet products
A - Southeastern & Yakutat278,138$4,929,020.18$17.72
All Areas336,486$5,510,549.50$16.38
Salmon roe products
A - Southeastern & Yakutat8,826$113,935.15$12.91
B - Prince William Sound1,925$11,731.50$6.09
G - Bristol Bay3,716$42,894.55$11.54
Fresh headed & gutted products
A - Southeastern & Yakutat221,091$1,145,079.81$5.18
B - Prince William Sound1,055,688$6,590,410.59$6.24
C & D - Cook Inlet Kodiak4,530,302$24,546,371.16$5.42
E & F - Chignik Aleutian Alaska Peninsula798,250$5,275,492.50$6.61
G - Bristol Bay2,814,059$13,135,799.78$4.67
Fresh fillet products
A - Southeastern & Yakutat89,827$731,088.56$8.14
All Areas2,198,216$19,817,633.56$9.02
Frozen headed & gutted product
A - Southeastern & Yakutat927,731$3,759,489.79$4.05
E & F - Chignik Aleutian Alaska Peninsula7,533,359$29,052,953.18$3.86
G - Bristol Bay79,549,019$320,146,967.34$4.02
All Areas105,095,348$419,003,001.46$3.99
Frozen fillet products
B & C & D - Prince William Sound Cook Inlet Kodiak4,167,992$30,848,983.47$7.40
G - Bristol Bay21,818,584$153,466,062.89$7.03
All Areas26,909,451$191,834,253.96$7.13
Salmon roe products
A - Southeastern & Yakutat43,724$487,535.07$11.15
C & D - Cook Inlet Kodiak524,161$3,506,136.97$6.69
G - Bristol Bay4,393,440$31,831,236.51$7.25
Thermally processed halves
G - Bristol Bay1,162,213$56,714,005.20$48.80
All Areas1,485,742$71,517,909.85$48.14
Thermally processed talls
All Areas190,009$17,216,703.48$90.61
Fresh headed & gutted products
A - Southeastern & Yakutat1,102,401$4,976,393.89$4.51
C & D - Cook Inlet Kodiak1,268,675$5,121,142.57$4.04
Fresh fillet products
All Areas756,511$6,102,805.29$8.07
Frozen headed & gutted product
A - Southeastern & Yakutat4,707,553$19,507,204.14$4.14
B - Prince William Sound1,039,114$3,057,407.11$2.94
C & D - Cook Inlet Kodiak2,978,376$8,345,109.84$2.80
E & F - Chignik Aleutian Alaska Peninsula925,387$2,668,725.48$2.88
All Areas9,958,088$34,446,013.16$3.46
Frozen fillet products
A - Southeastern & Yakutat1,627,722$11,364,883.80$6.98
All Areas2,251,132$15,092,397.03$6.70
Salmon roe products
A - Southeastern & Yakutat152,120$1,634,569.87$10.75
C & D - Cook Inlet Kodiak187,881$1,444,680.46$7.69
G - Bristol Bay4,737$43,230.31$9.13
All Areas494,934$3,937,558.39$7.96
Fresh headed & gutted products
All Areas296,712$367,881.88$1.24
Frozen headed & gutted product
A - Southeastern & Yakutat8,718,017$14,625,734.79$1.68
B - Prince William Sound32,900,726$59,821,776.87$1.82
C & D - Cook Inlet Kodiak18,370,112$27,165,666.28$1.48
Frozen fillet products
All Areas2,088,459$5,023,235.85$2.41
Salmon roe products
B - Prince William Sound2,457,179$26,909,708.59$10.95
C & D - Cook Inlet Kodiak1,709,461$18,715,783.06$10.95
All Areas5,315,168$54,417,294.32$10.24
Thermally processed quarters
All Areas274,154$6,765,591.71$24.68
Thermally processed halves
A - Southeastern & Yakutat556,969$19,014,573.82$34.14
All Areas856,612$28,243,119.60$32.97
Thermally processed talls
A - Southeastern & Yakutat553,125$22,615,602.19$40.89
B - Prince William Sound360,540$18,770,922.17$52.06
All Areas2,479,693$116,198,609.98$46.86
Fresh headed & gutted products
B - Prince William Sound202,395$316,156.20$1.56
H - Kuskokwim1,425,077$3,206,123.63$2.25
Fresh fillet products
C & D - Cook Inlet Kodiak263,138$1,328,361.14$5.05
Frozen headed & gutted product
A - Southeastern & Yakutat39,522,654$76,825,742.76$1.94
B - Prince William Sound11,827,645$24,230,549.86$2.05
C & D - Cook Inlet Kodiak5,899,645$11,081,458.25$1.88
E & F - Chignik Aleutian Alaska Peninsula3,110,178$5,609,975.81$1.80
G - Bristol Bay1,436,046$2,517,054.60$1.75
H - Kuskokwim2,301,046$5,044,467.12$2.19
All Areas64,097,214$125,309,248.40$1.95
Frozen fillet products
A - Southeastern & Yakutat3,109,997$11,315,794.71$3.64
G - Bristol Bay1,502,015$5,238,639.21$3.49
All Areas7,488,326$29,171,246.80$3.90
Salmon roe products
A - Southeastern & Yakutat4,539,493$87,033,468.48$19.17
B - Prince William Sound852,271$12,799,201.43$15.02
C & D - Cook Inlet Kodiak716,497$11,977,250.59$16.72
G - Bristol Bay384,472$5,103,385.14$13.27
All Areas6,921,643$121,986,816.02$17.62

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