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Alert Juneau Tax Division Office Mailing Address Update 

All mail sent to the Tax Division office in Juneau through the U.S. Postal Service must be addressed to P.O. Box 110420, Juneau, AK 99811. Beginning Oct. 1, the Post Office will not deliver mail to the division’s Willoughby Avenue address, and the mail will be returned to the sender. In those cases, tax returns and payments may miss their filing deadline. This change does not affect the Anchorage Tax Division office.

Tax Division Office Closure

The Tax Division offices will be closed on Friday, Oct. 19, for a mandatory furlough day and will reopen Monday, Oct. 22. Revenue Online will remain available to conduct business. If you need help during the closure, please call and leave a message at the Anchorage office at (907) 269-6620 or the Juneau office at (907) 465-2320.

Motor Fuel Tax

Form 530 – Motor Fuel Tax Return for Diesel
Form 531 – Motor Fuel Tax Return for Gasoline
Form 532 – Motor Fuel Tax Return for Aviation Fuel
Form 533 – Motor Fuel Tax Return for Gasohol
Form 407 – Qualified Motor Fuel Dealer License Application

The above returns and application are available on Revenue Online at Hard copies of the above forms are available on request.

Please review the Notice of Mandatory Electronic Filing before submitting any forms to the Tax Division.

There is one form below that has "Fill In" next to it in red. You may print the form and fill it out manually, or type in your answers. Then print, sign and mail it to the Tax Divsion.

Note: The Excel files below won't show up in some versions of Google Chrome.

 Form Number Title Revision Date Document Type
 Qualified Dealer Bond
409 Qualified Dealer Bond (Rev 10/16) PDF Link
 Certificate of Use
538 Certificate of Use Fill In (Rev 9/12) PDF Link
 Election to Defer Tax
539 Election to Defer Tax (Rev 7/12) PDF Link
 Claim for Refund
544 Claim for Refund Schedule A – List of Invoices (Rev 5/16) Excel Link
544 Claim for Refund Schedule B – Non-Highway Fuel Use (Rev 5/16) Excel Link
544 Claim for Refund (Rev 8/15) PDF Link
 Motor Fuel Qualified Dealer License Assignment of Cash
408 Motor Fuel Qualified Dealer License Assignment of Cash (Rev 2/16) PDF Link

Previous Years' Forms

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