Public Reporting

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Under the authority of Alaska Statute 40.25.100(a) information in the possession of the Department of Revenue that discloses the particulars of the business or affairs of a taxpayer or other person is not a matter of public record, except for purposes of investigation and law enforcement. The information should be kept confidential. Therefore, because of the confidentiality rules that are in place for the Department of Revenue, information provided on a film production application for qualification, film production tax credit program correspondence, information provided on a film production final application for the award of a tax credit, information provided by the certified public accountant providing expenditure verification services, information about the issuance, transfer or utilization of a film tax credit, or other taxpayer information will not be disclosed, unless in aggregate.

In addition to protection under AS 40.25.100(a), the legislators identified further the importance of confidentiality under AS 44.25.120(c) which reads that information submitted in an application for qualification is confidential and is not subject to inspection or copying under AS 40.25.110 - 40.25.125.

The one exception is noted in AS 43.98.030(a) which is amended to read: The department shall publish the name and contact information for each person (film producer) provided a transferable tax credit certificate. The department will publish the producer’s name and contact information as a credit certificate is awarded under the “Tax Credits Issued” tab under “Public Reporting”.